Tips to Improve Your Skills in MIG Welding

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No matter how big of a welding expert one might be, everyone has to start their career or hobby at some point. Especially in the case of welding, the learning curve is steep. Every new welder is looking for tips to improve his welding skills.

If you’re trying to learn MIG welding, here are some useful tips which can help you improve your mig welding skills. Using any of these tips will help increase the quality and durability of your welds. You can visit as well for more info.

Clean The Surface Properly Beforehand

Porosity is the biggest problem in mig welding for newcomers. Any type of dust, dirt, oil and paint can cause porosity. When this happens, the above mentioned contaminants get in the weld, making its surface porous like a sponge.

So, you should properly remove any type of dust, dirt, and brush off the paint on the surface to prepare it for welding.

Utilize Both Hands

When welding, learning to use both of your hands can be a great thing for your weld precision. You should hold the crook of the gun’s neck in one hand, and the part with the trigger in the other hand to weld properly and with control. You can also invest in a heat resistant welding glove if you feel comfortable and safe by doing so.

Choose Between Pushing And Pulling

One of the most common ways to place welds is pushing your hand towards the direction of the weld. You can use this method to make low penetration, and to smoothen the surface as you keep welding.

Other method is pulling the gun and dragging it. This method makes deep penetration. The welds placed by this method are also narrow and high from the center.

You can choose one of these methods depending on the thickness of the metal you’re welding. This also depends on how deep you want the penetration to be.