The Story Behind Magic: The Gathering

After gaining immense popularity and coverage, people started to gain curiosity about who was the mastermind behind this complicated card game. To their surprise, it turns out that three college students created it. Another thing that makes people curious is why it has not been turned into an app yet. All new games are developed into a digital application if they gain popularity.

The three students devoted their time into creating an infrastructure for the game’s application development, but it got stomped at the end. It was concluded that this is because the game is so complicated and detailed that no gaming motherboard can handle the load. The numbers of variations are too heavy, which cases a lag in the whole game and no one likes a lagging game.

You can find out more articles and updates about this game on The Frisky any time you want. Devoted players who have understood the value this card game holds play it the old way as it is too engaging and interesting to stop. The game not only lets the player role play as different fantasy based characters, but also involves a lot of strategy and mathematical thinking.

The nature and thought process behind Magic: The Gathering is based more on playing the game physically instead of digitally. It gives the players a chance to bond with others and enjoy their time as well. With how complicated the details of the cards are it makes more sense to play it face to face, than to be confused online.

Seeing how the gaming motherboard cannot handle the variables and load of this game, we can see just how much more time and effort needs to be devoted to the development of technology so that all types of games can be played online.