Survival Kits And What They Should Include

Survival kits are not only useful for someone who is going out on an extreme camping trip or a huge forest, they can be used during natural disasters and emergency situation as well. When it comes to situations that put you in a life and death scenario, time is of extreme value and you require the appropriate equipment to deal with your problems, be it proper medical supplies, fresh water, rope or general survival tools.

The first thing you need, when it comes to owning a survival kit, is to have something that can contain everything and also provides you with comfort while you carry it. Most survivalists call this container a bug out bag, a bag that contains everything you need in a situation of emergency. Secondly, in any survivalist scenario you find yourself in, the important thing you need to have is water. Katadyn Befree filtration water bottle can be used to filter out any solid particles and bacteria, through a membrane inside the water, so if you find yourself in a situation where you have to drink water from the river, this product can be used. UCO Stormproof Sweetfire Strikable Matches are another product that can help you have a better survival experience. These matches are triangular in shape, and are infused with vegetable was that allow them to burn for a long time, up to seven minutes. The oil also makes the matches waterproof, so if you accidentally drop them, they would still be functional.

Mini, compact first aid kits are also an extremely essential part of your survival kit. The first aid should contain the following products, antiseptic wipes, cotton swaps, triangular bandages, safety whistle, strip wound closures, emergency blanket, sting relief wipes, and hypoallergenic tape, and it has tools such as medical shears, tweezers, safety pins, splinter probes, and a CPR pouch with instructions.

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