Pre Arrest Investigation Rights in Criminal Cases

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If you’ve ever seen an action movie involving the arrest of criminals, you might have noticed the policemen reading the criminal the “Miranda Warning”. This warning states that the person being arrested has the right to remain silent during arrest and investigation, as anything they say can and will be used against them in a court of law. And also that the arrested person has the right to an attorney, and of they can’t afford hiring one, one will be provided to them by the state.

However, this law doesn’t apply during pre-arrest, as the police is collecting as much evidence against you as possible. This is more common in while collar crime investigations. In some cases, your rights might get violated by the police. So, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer to help secure your rights in a criminal defense case.

Interrogations Before Arrest

While every officer is well aware of your constitutional rights, they might still try to push you to leak important information about your case.

But things are a lot different when there’s a attorney around. Having your attorney present during interrogations will keep the police officers away from trying to push you into speaking. Your lawyer will be able to better represent your case in front of the police and the court. So, hire one right away after getting arrested for any crime. You can view here to find more useful information.

Police Reports

Police officers makes a report based on their meeting with you after the arrest. They can and will use that report against you in the court lawyer on in the case.

Usually police officers might make a vague report to make their case stronger. But that’s not good, and your lawyer will never let that happen. So, having a lawyer by your side is very important.