Plain Concrete or Colored Concrete?

Most people don’t give this enough thought and end up making the house look dull and boring. There are many spaces outside the house like the front porn and walkway. The driveway and any other space outside has to be covered in concrete too. Most people just do that and end up regretting it because the house looks dull with plain concrete surrounding it. This is where stamped concrete comes in. That’s the best alternative if you’re looking for something that adds up to the beauty of the house and complements its color too.

Stamped Concrete is What You Need

Stamped concrete is made by coloring the slabs using either liquid color or hardening powder. It is done by pouring liquid color on the truck. This will make the color mixture before you pour it on the concrete slabs. The color is then spread over the concrete slabs along with releasing agent that helps in preventing the textured mats from sticking to the concrete slabs. Once the texturing is completely done, the releasing agent should be applied so that the color is evenly spread.

The Coloring of The Concrete Slabs

The coloring can be done using two techniques. Both give the same end results. The first technique is done by putting liquid color on the color mix truck. This way the color will be made without having to make the mixture. The other technique is called the broadcast method which is done using color hardener powder. It is poured on the fresh concrete surface so that the color hardener can penetrate the surface and color throughout.

Stamped concrete is used to make spaces outside the house. Some people make stamped concrete patio to make it look attractive and complement with the color of the house.