Most Effective Home Remedies For Dog Constipation

coconut oil for dog constipation

It isn’t only humans who suffer from constipation. This problem is common in dogs as well. But fortunately, treating constipation in dogs is usually less complex as compared to humans. You can try some home remedies to treat dog constipation, here’s how.

More Exercise And Clean Water

Your dog must keep moving if you want his digestive system to keep moving. Regular exercise always helps in pushing the stool through the digestive system of your dog.

Also, provide you dig with lots of fresh water to drink. Water will also help in moving the dog’s digestive system. Since both of these steps are really easy to implement, you can try them as the first step for treatment when your dog is suffering from constipation.

Use More Fiber

Just like use humans, dogs also benefit by adding more fiber in their diet. You might already have proper dietary fiber to add in your dog’s diet. You can easily find it in a local grocery store if you don’t already have it. Things like canned pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, coconut oil and some others can be easily added to the dinner of your dog.

You can mix one of these in your dog’s favorite wet food, and he might not even notice that something’s in there.

Try Canned Food

If none of the above mentioned foods seem to work, you can switch to some quality canned food, but only for a few days. Canned food always has more moisture in it which helps the bowels more easier. In most cases, this easily fixes the dog constipation problem, so, you must try it, and switch back to the normal food once your dog is healthy.

These were some home remedies that you can try to treat dog constipation.