Is Power Washing Better Than Pressure Washing

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Power washing or pressure washing, which one is better and what are the differences? These are the things that we are about to discuss and if you have been confused about the key differences between the two then you have come to the right place, the basic difference between the two is the difference in water temperature, hot water is used in power washing while normal temperature water is used with high-pressure machine when it comes pressure washing, this is the basic distinction which makes the two very different and the application and use of it becomes different, otherwise there are a lot of similarities among the two as well and that is why both these methods of cleaning are commonly used to achieve similar results, and you can use either method for home cleaning as well.

If you are looking for cleaning which would help maintain better health and hygiene then you might be tackling things like algae and mold and in this case power washing would be the better option and professionals also use power washing when killings weeds or algae, cleaning gutters and when the objective is to get rid of mildew or mold from the surface, not just the pressure but the water temperature plays a vital role in dealing with such things, because the high-pressure stream of hot water is so effective against such things it is clearly the winner when the desired objective is more than just aesthetics as things like mold and algae pose a threat to our health and well-being.

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