How to Drink Coffee Without Upsetting Your Stomach

caffeine in coffee

Some people can drink a lot of coffee and not really have it impact their life to a great extent. For others there needs to be some kind failsafe put in place to prevent them from getting an upset stomach, and this is a major reason why people who have sensitive stomachs and are prone to digestive issues feel like drinking coffee is not something that they can do all that often. The thing is, if you truly want to drink as much coffee as possible then you need to think about how it affects your stomach, and you also need to try your best to realize that drinking dark roast coffee is always going to be a much better solution for you if you don’t want your stomach to get upset at all.

Dark coffee is a lot less acidic than lighter roasts, and this is perhaps the most significant reason why it’s such an essential part of people’s lives when they drink coffee regularly. You can drink light roasts as much as you want and they certainly have certain kinds of flavor profiles that make them quite delicious in a lot of ways but at the end of the day the higher levels of acidity are likely going to make it quite difficult for you to keep your stomach calm.

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