How Cell Phone Jammers Work

portable cell phone jammer

According to a study, there are now more cell phones on earth that people. This means that lot of people keep getting unnecessary calls all the time. Surely you can put your mobile to the silent mode, but sometimes this isn’t enough.

Cell phone jammers are in the market (on sites like just for you if you want to block all the calls coming from all the directions. Here is how the cell phone jammers work.

The Definition

If you’re tires of manually blocking single callers one by one, you can block all of the incoming calls at once by deploying a cell phone jammer.

The working of a cell phone jammer might look like a complicated thing, but it isn’t. The jammer releases a signal that is the same as the signals which our phone use. This results in the blockage of all calls coming in to our mobiles.

Where The Jammers Are Used?

The cell phone jammers might be used by carriers businesses and persons for security and other reasons.

Organizations also use jammers to prevent the sensitive information from leaking or going out of the organization into the unsafe hands. Terrorist attacks can also be prevented by using the jammers.

When a jammer is used, the caller would receive an “out of service” message instead of the “Phone is off” one. This also makes a lot of people prefer using a cell phone jammer.

How They Work?

Depending on the location of the cell phone, the nearby tower sends and receives signals to your cell phone, and this process makes making calls and texting possible. As you keep travelling, you cell phone will get connected with different cell phone towers to keep working. The cell phone jammer tricks the tower by mimicking your cell phone. This way, it prevents your cell phone from receiving any calls and texts over the cellular network.