Food Recommendations: The Eugene, Oregon Experience


So I find myself in Eugene Oregon for a bit of work last week. It was my first time in the city and it lead to me learning a lot about it. There is definitely a lot to do, and a bit of something there for just about every person too. Walking around this city or its outskirts you find a lot to look at and a lot to do as well. From art shows, to street performers, to a hiking trip through some of the parks, to simply walking around and looking at exhibits in museums, this city has rightfully earned its slogan of being “ a great city for the arts and the outdoors.” However, in this article I will be telling you about what else there is to try out here, specifically food wise, and how I came across one of my favorite new restaurants in Oregon.

So I was with some of my colleagues after a day of work and we were looking forward to finding some of the best restaurants and bars Eugene had to offer us. We saw this one restaurant, called the Oregon Electric Station. This restaurant had a gimmick going on where they would let you book an entire stationary old timey train compartment to be served your food and drinks in. It seemed like it could be a casual dine in, and would serve some drinks and so we inquired if we could get a booking without a reservation. Lucky for us, it was a weekday and we were trying to get an early dinner so we got a booking. Turns out this was one of the best places to eat or drink in the city, and with a slightly large group, we were able to have fun.