Facts About Renting Your Parking Space


Bug cities always have a shortage of parking space, and that is why driveways are becoming more common these days.

If you have a driveway on your property as well that remains empty most of the times, you can actually make money by renting out the driveway for parking. If you park your car all day long at your workplace, you can allocate that time to rent out the driveway space for car parking. You can easily list the empty car parking space form hours all the way up to months or years.

Here are some points on why you should consider renting out your empty space for car parking.

You Can Control Everything

When you list an empty car parking space for rental, you can be the boss and decide who will get access to the parking area and who won’t. All you have to do is to find a good platform that works well for you, and you’ll have bookings in the blink of an eye.

Making Some Extra Cash

Your parking space also counts as real estate, and that is why its location matters a lot. If your parking space is located in a prime area, you’ll make a lot of money by renting it out. The location of your car parking space matters a lot, and determines the amount of money you’ll be making by renting the space out.

However, You Must Sign a Written Contract

A written document signed by both the parties before starting the rental service can save them from hassle whenever there is a confusion between the two of them. That is why you should make a written contract, and ask the car owner to sign it before they can actually park their car in your property. For platform ideas, you can check out the SpaceiShare Pinterest Board.