Benefits of Owning a Carrier Locked Phone

Although many people would suggest you should never buy your phone from a carrier, there are many benefits of doing so. You can rock the latest phone from a desirable carrier whenever you want to. Here are some benefits of buying a carrier locked phone.

Latest Software Updates

A carrier locked phone’s software updates are controlled and released by the carrier itself. So, when you buy any of the latest phone models from a carrier, expect to get all the latest updates right on time.

If you ever decide to jump ship and choose another carrier, your updates might get delayed and might even completely pause.

Seamless Network Connectivity

Locked phones are considered the official version of the relevant network, and they have their software customized to work excellently with the locked carrier.

You’ll get seamless network connectivity, and even some freebies of you ever choose to buy a locked mobile from any carrier. The factory unlocked phones might start showing some network connectivity problems and signals issues after some months of use.

Easily Accessible Customer Service

Here’s a no brainer. All the network providers have a lot more outlets and service stations as compared to the cellphone manufacturers. They usually have polite customer service staff.

For example, if you have a Verizon phone, you can easily go to a Verizon store within your reach and get any issue with your phone resolved as soon as possible. And because of a large number of customer service stores in every supported country, you won’t have to wait for ages to get the issue resolved. Also if you’ve bought an insurance plan, you might be save hundreds.

Switch One The Contract is Over

A legal legislation has now made unlocking your phone legal. But you must first pay any outstanding money and end your contract before switching. You can read more about unlocking your phone online. It’s a very uncomplicated process and requires just a little effort.