Avoid These Mistakes When Removing Stumps

tree removal

You should never take tree removal lightly whether you’re removing a dead tree or a perfectly healthy tree. However, after tree removal your tree removal service will charge extra to remove the stump as well. That’s why many homeowners decide to keep the stump for a while just to save a few bucks.

But tree stumps look ugly, can become a serious tripping hazard, and can start rotting by attracting insects. That’s why you should get your tree stump removed by a Fresno certified arborist company.

Whether you’re removing the tree stump by yourself, or have hired a tree removal service for the job, here are some of the common stump removal mistakes that must be avoiding at all costs.

Letting The Stump Rot Over Time

You might see no trouble whatsoever in keeping a tree stump in your yard after getting the tree removed. But over time, you’ll find out that this isn’t a wise choice. A tree stump can make it difficult to mow your lawn. Tree stumps with enough nutrients can try growing back up from the stump, or from one of the roots near the surface.

Old stumps can also attract different type of pests, and can pose a threat to your house and other trees as well.

Not Choosing The Right Method For Stump Removal

Tree removal services can use lots of different stump removal methods to help you get rid of the stumps. But you should choose the method which works the best for you. You can choose to grind the stump below the ground if you want a quick remedy. However, linger methods like chemical removal are also available. You can also burn the stump, but that comes with a risk of roots burning and damaging your property.