A Look at Vanity Phone Numbers

If you are unfamiliar with the term vanity phone numbers, then it is understandable. Vanity phone numbers are essentially toll-free numbers that can be used by business owners by creating a number combination that is readable and easy to remember. This can include numbers like 1-800-DOGCARER and so on. We have all come across similar numbers like these all the time, and they are used by giant, multi-million dollar franchises and small businesses alike because they are good at doing their job. If you happen to own a business of your own, you can buy a local vanity phone number of your own and promote your business like 1-800-PLUMBER and so on.

Vanity phone numbers are used because they allow business owners to market what they do with just their phone number. For instance, if the vanity number has the letters FLOWERS, then you know that the business being advertised in a flower shops immediately. So, businesses are able to market their business in a simpler and more effective way by using a vanity phone number without having to spend too much on other marketing tactics.

Vanity phone numbers also allow you to have good customer service, and everyone knows that customer service holds a lot of importance in any kind of business. This is maintained by vanity numbers because they are able to remember numbers, history of issues in older calls they had made, and previous representatives that may have dealt with that call. This way you are able to remember your clients better and are able to handle their concerns better, which leaves a good impression.

Vanity phone numbers also allow you to be able to convert the number to your mobile phone in case of incidences like the telephone line going down and so on. This way you are able to stay in contact with clients at all times.